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IP Lease Services

IP Lease Services

Scope for your Business Expansion

We have IPv4 and IPv6 space available for long term lease. The minimum quantity of IPv4 Leaseis a /24 or 256 addresses and IPv6 Lease is /32. Once we have successfully executed the lease Agreement, a Letter Of Authorization (LOA) will be delivered to you so you can instruct your current Internet Service Provider (ISP) to begin announcing the IP space and you can begin to use it.

Our IP Addresses lease billing period starts from month to annual, and the price drops depending on lease duration and the volume (the larger the block or multiple blocks taken). To use our IP rental service, you need either your own Autonomous System Number (ASN) from one of the Regional Internet Registries, or you can take our tunnel service. We have IP blocks of all sizes available immediately. To get more information or to purchase, please do Contact us with your requirements.

Server Hosting Services

Server Hosting Services

Delivered High Flexibility, Secured & Availability

Complex applications require custom server infrastructure. And with complex requirements come complex management issues. Our server specialists can help you customize the best cloud and dedicated configurations, build your solution using either Linux or Windows operating systems on industry-leading hardware providers like HP, VMware, Juniper and Cisco. Load balancing, firewalls and clustering options can be added to create resilience and high availability for the maximum possible uptime. Once you are up and running, Lease IP then manage your custom servers and infrastructure for you through a dedicated support team and account manager along with a team of experts in their field.

Our custom server hosting takes the burden of running your own infrastructure away so that you can focus on your business.

Our hosting servers always include Exceptional Support. From highly transactional website hosting to custom applications, we help you architect the right platform for your business, and back it with your choice of services and SLA. You'll benefit from our years of experience planning, deploying, and managing configurations for all kinds of companies. Best of all, you can incorporate public and private cloud technologies for ultimate flexibility as you grow.