Our IPv4 & IPv6 leasing service gives you the IP addresses you need to help your business grow, without any long term contract or high upfront costs.

Short Term Lease

Are you migrating a network or consolidating your infrastructure? If you have a project with short term needs we can support you with flexible leasing agreements.

Flexible Packages

Whether you need a block of /24, /23, /22, /21, /20 for a year or more, let's work together to design a leasing package that reflects your needs.

Responsible Regulation

Our team are active in every IP leasing agreement, fully researching and vetting our customers, so you can be confident that our IP space is unspoiled.

Hosting Servers

Keep your's and your clients' sites runing at peak performance with our Cloud and Dedicated Server Hosting. Get direct access to our 24/7 Server Support Team.

Lease IP Services

IPv4 Lease Services

Direct Leasing of IPv4 Address Blocks to your business and enterprise for continued growth of your Internet network operations.

IPv6 Lease Services

If you're interested in static IPv6 addresses then you can start talking to us to get the same. You can get static IPv6 at very affordable cost, but it does require a static IPv4 lease. Once you have leased a static IPv4 IP or block of IPs, then you can use the 'derived IPv6' address associated with the same lease. Charges apply to the static IPv4 & IPv6 lease as well.

Server Hosting Services

Lease IP delivers a hosting servers which is the ideal solution for larger businesses and high-traffic applications or websites. Our Cloud or Dedicated servers allow for maximum customization, configuration, installation, and overall flexibility; all backed by exceptional unmatched support.

What Our Prestigious Customers Say

  • Trijit maintains good relationships and follows up regularly about the service, to ensure that everything goes smoothly and leasing IP with was made so easy by them for us without any problems, most importantly supporting us till we setup and use IP.

    Morvin Hoff - Business Head
  • Support team has resolved my query so quickly. They resolved my query while chatting online and over the phone itself which was very quick and excellent work. They also support people who need help on the services related to TRIJIT. So, now which made us as thier customer by getting 5 Blocks of IPv4.

    Tanya Singh - IT Head
  • I appreciate the team Trijit for giving wonderful support, which inturn made our all problems solved in setting up IPv4 infrastructure. They always assisted me with meaningful and attractive way, who resolved all my hosting problems by giving us Blocks of IP Address as required with easy way to contract terms.

    Brook Willis - Director