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FAQ's which helps you understand more on Lease IP Services

Is the leasing of IPv4 addresses legal ?

Yes. Companies that opt to lease their unused IPv4 address space can do so freely to anyone. There are no known legal restrictions in any economy, region or continent that prohibit a company wishing to lease out its blocks from doing so.

What is the current rate per IP address ?

Their is quarterly, biannually and anually billing cycle. Please do contact as price varies on amount of IP address. Discounts apply for blocks larger than /22

What is the smallest quantity of IP addresses I can lease ?

256 or a single /24 address block

How long can I lease this IPv4 address space ?

The basic contract today is in the form of an annual renewal. It's annual for several reasons. A month-by-month lease would attract spamming companies that would abuse the space. Annual is to your company's benefit. You know you have the address space you need for the contract term. When the space suddenly rises in value you know your price for the year and will see the savings. After all everyones knows the price per IP address will rise, not fall.

For example, you can lease the space for a year contract. At the end of every year you have a 30 day window to provide notice that you wish to cancel at no penalty to you. If you want to keep your lease simply do nothing except pay the fee. Good for 5 year ! This provides you the security of knowing that you have solid address space to keep your business operating and expanding. Or if the business no lnger needs the space for any reason you cancel without penalty beyond the annual fee.

How much IPv4 address space does my business need ?

Only you can predict this. However, there are minimum technical requirments for you to consider. Such as what can fit into Internet routing tables. The smallest size IP address available is /24. This is 256 IP addresses. It is the smallest block of space your ISP can accept and expect other networks to accept. However, not all backbones will accept a /24 from indirect customers. This is often due to technical router table limitations. Your routing will work. It will just not be optimal, in that when it is default routed on some paths this can cause more hops to your servers. More hops means more latency and packet drop potential.

Will these IP addresses work with my company's ISP ?

Yes. We supply you a Letter Of Authorization (LOA) which allows you to operate using specific IP address space. Your ISP running Border Gateway Protocal (BGP) with you will then announce your addresses to the rest of the world.

Do I need to own a router and operate BGP ?

No. You can use the LOA to allow your ISP to announce them for you, without having to operate a BGP network of your own. Your ISP will announce them accessible via their Autonomous Sytsem Number (ASN).

How to pay and get IP address blocks ?

You can pay monthly, quarterly, biannually or annually in advance. Billing Cycle for larger quantities (i.e., larger then /23 block) can be paid for quarterly, as monthly option not available. It is also possible to arrange financing for any quantity and for any period on demand.