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Our Story

Lease IP Network Solutions turns anyorganizations (Large or SME's) through the power of DevOps and Cloud Computing, by delivering required IP Addresses Blocks and working with your organization to achive the insight, knowledge and ways to grow your business that effect powerful change.

Build to grow your business

We are here to help you grow your business by providing required IP addresses as in terms of lease or rent to bring your business into cloud and grow. Everything we do here is based around the idea of to "Gives Way to Grow your Business". To us, this means constantly striving to do more for our clients to really get under the skin of their challenges by truly understand their business to deliver a solution that is spot on every time for them and for there organization.

We started small, but now…

Lease IP Network was founded by professional network team to deliver the technology services to a small and large enterprises. Today we find ourselves breaking down complexity at the heart of enterprise business, and designing awesome Cloud Adoption strategies that really make a difference to any company by providing IP addresses blocks to get their business into complete new technology called "CLOUD" and grow further as per New IT Trends.

Our Awarding Testimonials

  • Trijit maintains good relationships and follows up regularly about the service, to ensure that everything goes smoothly and leasing IP with was made so easy by them for us without any problems, most importantly supporting us till we setup and use IP.

    Morvin Hoff - Business Head
  • Support team has resolved my query so quickly. They resolved my query while chatting online and over the phone itself which was very quick and excellent work. They also support people who need help on the services related to TRIJIT. So, now which made us as thier customer by getting 5 Blocks of IPv4.

    Tanya Singh - IT Head
  • I appreciate the team Trijit for giving wonderful support, which inturn made our all problems solved in setting up IPv4 infrastructure. They always assisted me with meaningful and attractive way, who resolved all my hosting problems by giving us Blocks of IP Address as required with easy way to contract terms.

    Laureen Hill - Director